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Thursday, April 17, 2014
175 Years Of Giving God to Glory


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175 years of giving glory to God.
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                                                Macon Methodist-Episcopal
                                                               Built 1868

Macon United Methodist Church, today                                                                     
Macon United Methodist Church
11964 Macon Highway
Clinton, MI  49236
Can you help us "Raise the Roof"
We recently learned that our roof shingles are in poor condition
We need a total of $32,000 for a new roof.
So far we've collected $11,100, and will get a grant for $10,000.
Can you help us out? You can:
Make a donation,
Come and "buy a square,"
or join us at one of our fundraisers.
Your help is invaluable.
    Rev. Lance E. Ness
Sunday School: 9:15-10:00
Sunday Morning Worship: Sundays 10:30-11:30
Sunday Nights, 6:30-7:30:   We have an evening gathering called "FWD," because we are going to take this church forward. We are a small, informal group that gathers for prayers, music, worship, and to read the word. Instead of a "sermon" we all join together to read the scripture, discuss what it means, and share our stories of what it is God is trying to say to us.  Come and join us, and bring a friend.
Choir Rehearsal: Wednesdays at 7:00


On April 6, it was our great pleasure to honor two people who spent so much time and energy over the years doing their good work for us here at Macon.
Wilma Clark (left) had been the treasurer for Macon Church "forever." She held the job, on and off, for around 19 years, even when it was getting hard for her. She often stayed up late to balance the books out to the penny, fill out forms, and worry over how to pay the bills when there wasn't enough money.
Marilyn Hewlett (right) had been the Treasurer herself for a while, and then spent many years as the Financial Secretary, faithfully collecting and depositing our offerings every week.
Both women have also been very involved in the women's group, dinners, and many other important projects. Dedicated members such as these two are the reason small churches like Macon continue to survive.
It is our pleasure to honor them and thank them for all their hard work. - God Bless them both -
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 Our Schedule for Holy Week:

Sunday, April 13: Palm Sunday

Thursday, April 17, 6:30: We will have our Pot Luck Supper and Seder meal.

Friday, April 18, 12:00: The Community Good Friday service will be held at the Clinton UCC Church. Pastor Jim Patterson will be preaching.

Friday, April 18, 7:00: Macon will have it's evening Good Friday service.

Saturday, April 19, 7:00: We will have an evening Easter Vigil.

Easter Morning: 9:00 we will have our early morning service.

                              9:30 will be our breakfast.

                              10:30: Worship service.


April 22, 7:00: Prayer and Spiritual growth time.


As many of you have probably learned, my brother-in-law, Steve Crane, died on Palm Sunday. He had ALS (commonly called Lou Gerhig's Disease) and we knew his time would be short, but we thought he had a couple years left. We are all shocked at how suddenly it has happened. But in many ways it is a blessing. My sister won't have to go through the agony of watching her husband slowly waste away any longer.


This event reminds us all how precious, and how fragile, life can be. But as we proceed through this week let this event be a reminder for us of what the week means. My eldest sister Charlet and I talked and we both agreed Steve is in a better place now.

How do we know this? Because there is one who has gone through both life and the afterlife who testifies that it's real. There is one who has come down from Heaven to proclaim eternal life. There is one who died but who has risen from the grave to proclaim that there is eternal life in our God.


Although today becomes a day of grief for my family we can take comfort in knowing someone has opened the doorway to heaven for all people. And one day we shall al meet again in the great reunion and day of joy that is to come.

So let us celebrate this week, no matter what events may come; for life eternal awaits us all.




In his name.





 175th Anniversary
June 2009
175 Years, and still serving the Lord!

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