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Saturday, August 27, 2016
175 Years Of Giving God to Glory


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On July 25, there was a meeting of a few individuals to talk about church growth. It is my hope that we can assemble a small group of people to form a leadership group that will plan and implement strategy for church growth. We gathered to:

Discuss ideas.

Organize ideas.

Come up with a vision for Macon.

Make a plan of action.


One of the first things we need to do is set our minds on God. What is God trying to do in us and through us? What is God's plan for Macon? Churches that believe Jesus can transform their hearts are the kind of churches that grow. Toward this end we need to discuss prayer groups, Bible studies, book studies, evaluate our worship services, and focus on the Spiritual. By focusing on the Spiritual we open ourselves to the endless possibilities of God.


We need to work together. Our plans are more likely to succeed if everyone is willing to do something to help the growth process along. Focusing on God and the Spiritual helps us to achieve cooperation. We will not agree on everything. People always have different opinions, but infighing hurts us. Bickering and blaming drive us apart. Disunity can destroy a church. Listening and cooperating bring us together. We must unite in one goal, making disciples for Christ.


Having a vision for the church is essential. If we want to get somewhere we need to define where “somewhere” is. And we should have more than one vision statement. There really is no way to name all the things a church should be in one sentence. What are the major visions we should have for our church? Some ideas we discussed are:


- Show God's love to all. (We need to define how.)- To be an anchor in the community. (A place where all people can turn to.) - To be a social and Spiritual center in the community. -

We need to make some goals for ourselves. Some should be realistic, but we should also feel free to “dream big” and set some outrageous goals.


- - Getting people in the door is a goal. And once we get people in the door what do we do? We need to offer them things to do. We also need to see to it we try to make “Disciples” and not just “Pew Warmers.” Our calling is to convert people to Christ.

I also learned at several events that we should identify the things we have going for us. Things like our strengths, values, and things we do well. Such as:


-Our Mission work is important to us, and strong for a church our size.


-We are a caring people; caring for one another and caring for those around us when we know the need. (Like supplying dinners for families following funerals.)


-Music has also been a strong gift for us.


What are our assets?

-the road in front of our church is something we can make better use of.


-The legacy and history of Macon church is an asset. When people learn about the history of our community it might interest people who want to know more.


-Our new library is helping the church to be better noticed. There has been some interest in and use of the library.


-Right now our garden club, exercise class, local mission work, helping migrants,and CROP walks are helping Macon get noticed.


Then we discussed some ideas and plans. Such as:


Finding ways to contact people in the area and ask, “What are they looking for?” How do we get to people and ask them, “Is there anything the church can do for you?”, “What are you looking for?”, “What would you be interested in?” - Do people need a prayer, a friend, or something to fix? We can help.


Other ideas that came to us are:

Tournaments, like horseshoes, soccer, euchre, cook offs. - A hobo dinner – Ice cream social. - Pig roast – Amish day - Making a visitation group - having more small groups - promoting things like the Clinton veggie-mobile - making a facebook page – movie night -pizza night – something for parents (support group, babysitting, tutoring, teach healthy cooking, frugal spending, after school or Saturday programs) – divorce support group – something for youth, like basketball, soccer, badminton) -


Something that engages the spiritual should be a priority, like a book study. - Inviting students from Adrian who are going into ministry to visit and see if we can help them, and listen to their stories.

- We could also have guest speakers – Musical events, like a barbershop quartet – learning events, like a Holocaust night -


These are things that are easy and we can start very soon.


And there is more we can do.


If you have some ideas, ideas about anything, contact us. You can email the church, or use our new suggestion box.


What do you see as strengths and assest? What do you think would be some good goals or vision? What ideas for activities do you have? (Whether Spiritual, social, community, or anything at all.) We want to hear from you. We are forming a group to look at these things and organize a plan. Your ideas matter.

And your participation matters. Putting aside differences, frustrations, fears, and working together, listening and learning, these all help with growing a church. Instead of focusing on what we can't do, let's focus on what we can.

We can grow this church, at least a little, if we have faith and work together for the glory of God. Let's say some prayers, make some plans and start some programs.


 Homecoming 2014
and 180th Anniversary
September 21, 2014
180 Years, and still serving the Lord!

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