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Friday, April 29, 2016
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Spring has sprung and with spring soon another school year ends, and a fresh group of young people step out into the world. Usually when I take part in a Baccalaureate service there are two stories I tell, and I have told them here in Clinton. I was going to do it again, but I didn't want to annoy everyone with the same stories over and over. So this year will just put them into the newspaper and hope you will share them with with all our young people.
First story: I graduated High School in June 1984. During my High School years I often sat next to a young man named “Pete” Peterson. When we stood in the graduation line he was literally 3 steps behind me.

Pete was a nice guy, but he did have at least one bad habit; he liked to drink. Shortly before Thanksgiving I read about a car crash in the newspaper. Pete and two of his friends were out drinking and driving. They hit a guard rail on a bridge at high speed. Pete and one other boy died in the crash. Less than six months after he finished High School Pete's life was over.

Every year around Thanksgiving I think of Pete. My life has had it's bad days, I've had plenty of ups and downs, but at least I've had a life to have ups and downs. Pete lost it all. I do believe in heaven, but I also think we are on earth for a reason, and it is tragic to see those reasons come to an end before they are accomplished.

And I especially think of what his parents went through. I think of all the dreams they probably had that never came true. They never got to see him go to college, get a job, get married, have children, or anything else parents look forward to. People love to say things like, “It's my life.” Is it really? Do all your decisions just affect you, or do those decisions touch other people?

And what if those three had hit someone else instead of a guard rail? Try to imagine the devastation that could have brought to so many other people.

And so I like to tell our young people, “Your life is worth more than a six pack.” We all make bad decisions sometimes, but there are many bad decisions we can avoid. Life is so much easier when we just use our heads.

And, your life does not just belong to you. Your life touches so many others in so many ways. When you succeed there are many who will celebrate with you. And if tragedy strikes you, it will hurt others. Again, many bad decisions can be avoided if we just think, and we have an obligation to other people to do what's best for them and not just do things that we think are good for us. Destroying ourselves is NOT in anyone's best interest, and it is not what God wants for us.

This is the first story. The second story comes soon.


 Homecoming 2014
and 180th Anniversary
September 21, 2014
180 Years, and still serving the Lord!

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