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Saturday, October 10, 2015
175 Years Of Giving God to Glory


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180 years of giving glory to God.
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    Rev. Lance E. Ness
Sunday School: 9:15-10:00
Sunday Morning Worship: Sundays 10:30-11:30

Choir Rehearsal: Wednesdays at 7:00

World Communion Sunday will be upon us on October 4. It is a day reserved by many denominations all around the world as a day we will all share communion. On the day we share the bread and cup here in Macon, there will be tens of millions of people, maybe hundreds of millions, who will be sharing the bread on this same day.

Try to imagine that for a minute. In a 24 hour period we will be doing the same thing as millions of other people all around the world. It is a symbolic day in which we can say “Even though we are far apart, we are all part of one family, sharing the one bread.”


Since we are part of one family, and called on to share our bread, there are two things to keep in mind.


First, we will be having a special offering on Sunday, September 20, and the money will go to “The Heifer Project.” The Heifer Project buys animals for families to help them improve their diet, provide them with some extra income, and families that receive an animal are encouraged to give the first born female offspring to another family in need. In this way we are not just “giving people a fish” we are “teaching them to fish.” Just $120 can buy a goat which provides milk for a family, greatly improving their diet, and wool for income. Just $20 can buy some chicks or ducks which can have terrific benefit for a family in the years ahead.


Then, on World Communion Sunday, we will take up a collection of canned food for local food pantries. There is poverty and hunger right here in America, and right here in Lenewee County. Food pantries do a lot of good to help people we often don't know have needs. - Aside from food, other products are helpful (like paper towels, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, toothpaste) because they are not covered by EBT cards. Your giving helps a lot of people just down the street.

Communion means fellowship, coming together to share. We have so much to share, and so many ways to share, that it truly is a blessing for us as well as for others. With a special communion day coming soon, lets think of some special ways to feed our neighbors so that we are also breaking bread with them.






 Homecoming 2014
and 180th Anniversary
September 21, 2014
180 Years, and still serving the Lord!

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