Macon United Methodist Church
Friday, May 29, 2020
180+ Years Of Giving God to Glory

Mission Support

The United Methodist Church reaches out around the world
and so do we.
Some friends in Liberia now have clean drinking water.
Water is life.
                                         The Deputy UMC of Liberia
                                                                                                                                                                              Birthing Hut
The Deputy Church/ our partner church in Liberia.
We sent $500 in 2013 to help finish and furnish the Deputy UMC.  They
still need more help with this project, so we are working toward another $500 to send
in 2015.  To this end the Mission Committee plans offerings and fund raisers like the plant
swap and candy sales.  Edie Wiarda, our district Liberian Task Force Chairwoman,  just visited
Liberia and took a wall plaque with scripture that  Ed Clark made to our Deputy Church.
A Plaque to dedicate their new well.
The John Dean Health Project/ sponsor is Ann Arbor District.
Our church has joined in this District sponsored project to improve the health
of 18 villages in Liberia.  The center for this health project is the John Dean Mission.
One of the goals is to reduce the deaths of mothers when giving birth. To participate
each village will build a birthing hut and will support sending  one woman to be trained.
Pictured is one of the birthing huts.  We have pledged to send $100 for each of three years
and now have a donation bucket in the church  and will again in the fall.  We sent
sent $50 in October of 2013 and want to send another $50 in April.
  Please save your loose change for this project.
 Lenewee CROP walk - 2011

Macon may not be a big church, and we don't have a lot, but we share with others when we can.