Macon United Methodist Church
Friday, May 29, 2020
180+ Years Of Giving God to Glory

What Does Macon Have To Offer?

What is there at Macon?
More than you know!!!
We Focus on God's word and Scripture!
We call on people to make a real commitment to God!
We offer:
Pleasant and interesting worship that teaches and inspires.
Adult Sunday School that educates and explores.
Fun Sunday School for the children.
We camp out together in July for fun and fellowship.
A choir that is the envy of much larger churches.

Our teens can get a little extra help with college because of our scholarship fund.
 Even in our bad financial times, our Mission committee makes sure we give beyond our front door.
Macon Church is well known in the area for our:
Bazaars                         Bake Sales              Rummage Sale
Chicken Dinner               Harvest Dinner
Joint worship services with other area churches to celebrate and have a great worship experience for Thanksgiving, Good Friday, and other special days.
Macon is here for you.
We're hoping you'll come say hi to us sometime soon.