Macon United Methodist Church
Sunday, December 09, 2018
175 Years Of Giving God to Glory

Officers and Committees


2018 Officer and Committees

Macon United Methodist Church

(As of February 21,2018)


Ad Council Chair: Bill Hunt

Vice Chair: Rita Perkins

Lay Leader:   Ed Clark           

Lay Member to Annual Conference: Sharon Scott


Pastor Parish Relations Chairperson: Bill Gorton

Treasurer:  Bill Hunt


Finance Secretary: Rita Perkins

Membership Secretary: Julie Hewlett

Trustee Chairperson: Wally Perkins

Education and Sunday School Chairperson:  Julie Hewlett

Mission Chairperson: Sharon Scott

Worship Chairperson: Meri Schoof

Evangelism/ROAM: Spencer Ruffner


Endowment Chair: Bill Hunt