Macon United Methodist Church
Friday, May 29, 2020
180+ Years Of Giving God to Glory
 Why should I go to Macon Church?
Many people ask why they should go to church.

"Can't I believe in God without being in a church?"
"Church is boring."
"I don't like 'organized religion.'"
"Churches are full of hypocrites. They act nice on Sundays, but not the rest of the week."
What can a Church to say to the world today?
There's a story of a man who one day gave his life to God and became quite a faith filled Christian. However, the man did not feel he needed church.
One day his wife's pastor came to visit, and the two men talked in front of the fire place. The man talked and talked about why he did not feel church was essential to his faith, and the pastor said nothing.
When the man was done talking, the pastor reached a poker into the fire. He poked one glowing red ember out of the flames and laid it on the stones in front of the fireplace. After just a few minutes the ember stopped glowing and became black. The pastor was able to reach down with his bare fingers and pick it up. Then, he tossed it back into the fire, and within seconds it was red hot and glowing again. 
That's when the man said, "Alright, I'm coming to church. Thanks for the great sermon."
Yes, churches can have problems. Whether people are Christian or not we all bring our own faults, issues and problems with us everywhere we go, including church.
That doesn't mean church is just full of hypocrites and liars. It means even people in Church are far from perfect and need to grow in their faith. So you don't need to be 'holy enough' to be in a church. It means God loves you as you are and wants you to be part of his family.  

At a recent seminar we were taught that among un-churched people, 4 out of 10 are curious about church and spiritual matters, and 57% of our un-churched friends are wondering why church folks often don't talk about God, Jesus, or church. The people have questions. They want to know what Macon has to offer.


Who will answer?

Church is our "Spiritual Support Group" where we help to keep one another "hot in faith." Without support, even our energy for God can diminish.
Of course you can pray, read scripture, and believe anywhere you go. Church is not just a place where we pray, sing some songs, read some scripture and listen to a sermon. Church is supposed to be a place where we learn about God from a pastor and each other. Everyone brings with them a story of their own faith, their own struggles, and their own walk with God. Church is a place where everyone should be able to share their story to help build one another up.

Your story matters to Macon.
So what's so special about Macon?
Macon United Methodist Church is a place where people attest that they learn something from the service and it stays with them throughout the entire week. Our worship services challenge people to think, reflect on their own lives, and seek to live their lives for God. People feel spiritually fed at Macon Church.
Macon Church is also a place where people feel at home. Everyone agrees Macon is a friendly church, but it's far more than that. It doesn't take long before visitors feel like they belong, they are wanted, and that they are needed. Macon Church begins to feel like home very quickly. Everyone should be welcomed in God's house, and people who come to us do feel welcomed.
Macon is a small church where the people really get to know one another and care about one another. There is a lot of love, kindness, support and care among those who gather here.
That doesn't stop us from caring about others in our area and around the world. We have been present and helpful for many people nearby when they needed help. And, although our financial situation may be precarious right now, we have found ways to give a few dollars to those in need; here in America and around the world.
Church is supposed to be the house of God, and we are all the children of God.
You are most definitely welcome anytime into your Father's house.
In so many ways, this building belongs to you as much as it does to anyone.
So come home to your Father's house and come be part of God's family.
God Bless You All: