Macon United Methodist Church
Monday, October 23, 2017
175 Years Of Giving God to Glory

Rules and Regulations

Supersedes All Previous Documentation Concerning Rules and Regulations
(Revised 4-10-2011)


1. No smoking is allowed in the building or on the property at any time.
2. Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances as defined by state and federal law may not be consumed in the church building or on church property.
3. All youth and children’s groups must have adult supervision.
4. No tacks, nails, screws, scotch tape, duct tape or other hardware is to be used on the walls or woodwork or ceilings of the church building.  Use only painters tape and remove it as soon as possible.
5. A designated United Methodist Women (UMW) member must be present for any event where the kitchen is used.
6. For funeral dinners, contact the UMW.
7. Furnishings, signs and other equipment used must be returned to areas from which they were removed.  All trash must be removed and taken from the property in a reasonable time period.
8. Contact the Board of Trustee Chairperson or Vice Chair for the use of the older chairs in the storage shed.
9. Upon leaving the church building be sure all lights, except EXIT lights, are out and all doors are locked.  Windows are closed as needed for weather conditions.
10. All fees must be paid 10 days in advance of an event being placed on the church calendar, refundable if canceled 10 or more days prior to an event.
11. All rules are subject to the discretion of the Administrative Council.
12. A janitor or church member must be present for non-member functions.
13. Nothing is to be fastened, hung, or taped to the altar valance.
14. Railings and altar furnishings, which are fastened down, are not to be moved.

The date desired for the use of the church should be requested from the Administrative Council and for Pastor for placement on the church calendar.

It is particularly appropriate that a funeral or memorial service of a church member be held in the church sanctuary.  Arrangements should be made directly with the minister.

It is our purpose to help you plan your Christian wedding service in such a way that it will be a high moment of deep spiritual significance for both of you.  Because you will need to know the rules of this church concerning the physical and financial arrangements for the use of the church facilities, they have been gathered into this booklet.  If after reading this you still have questions, please consult with the minister.  In order to begin planning your church wedding service, you will need to arrange the date and time with the minister, and have it placed on the church calendar.  Conflicts of date and time can occur.  Early requests for use of the church help insure that your wedding can take place at the time you choose.

The marriage ceremony is a worship service.  For this reason the music used should be appropriate for use in a worship service.  If you wish, the organist or the pastor will make suggestions to help in making the appropriate choices.

Please contact the organist as soon as the date for the rehearsal and wedding is set.  It is expected that you will use the regular church organist, but if you wish a friend to play, arrangements must be made with the church organist.  Refer to the section on fees for further information.

The way the sanctuary is used for a wedding must be determined by the fact that it is a place of worship.  Flowers may be used with taste, as may candelabra.  There is a kneeling rail available.  The altar and its furnishings must be retained as this is the worship center of the sanctuary.  It is requested that no flash pictures be taken during the service.  The throwing of rice after the wedding ceremony dates back to ancient times.  We ask that you wait until you are outside of the building before you throw it.  In recent years many brides have chosen grass seed which can be beneficial to the ecology.  We request that you use environmentally friendly material.

Persons who have lost a loved one frequently present memorials to a church.  It is requested that before the final choice is made, the persons making the gift consult with the Memorial Committee about the proper placement of the selection.  The Memorial Committee has a list of suggestions.  The Trustees and Administrative Council must approve all designated memorial gifts.  This approval does not apply to non-designated monies.

The Trustees must approve any physical gifts (i.e. furniture, appliances, decorator items, etc.) prior to bringing them to the church.

Church organizations have priority in the case of calendar conflicts.  There shall be no charge for church groups.  The person in charge of the group is responsible for leaving the building in proper condition, including being sure that all doors are locked and lights are off, also windows being closed depending on weather conditions.

Any community group wishing to use the building should apply to a member of the Administrative Council who will bring the request to the council.  The community group asking to use the church facilities may be granted permission only when such use is consistent with the social principals and ecumenical objectives of the church.  If there is no previously scheduled meeting, permission may be granted by the Pastor or Council Chairperson in the event that no council meeting is held before the requested date.  The Administrative Council will determine charges for the use by these organizations.  There will be, of course, the standard custodial fee.


1. Church Functions:  NO CHARGE

2. District Functions:  NO CHARGE

3. Use of church for all functions, except kitchen (see Section 6) and funerals (see Section 4).
- Members or Constituents:  A $25.00 deposit is required, to be refunded if the building is left in good condition.
- Non-Members:  A $125.00 non-refundable fee is required.  Repairs beyond routine cleaning will be at cost.  A member of the Macon United Church must be present during the function.

4.  a.  Use of church for Funerals:
- Members:  NO CHARGE
- Non-Members:  A $25.00 deposit is required, to be refunded if the building is left in good condition.
     b. Use of church for Funeral Dinners:
- Members:  NO CHARGE (donations accepted)
- Non-Members:  Meat, paper products and purchased items will be provided at cost.

5.  If any deposit is not refunded, the deposit is to go to the Macon United Methodist Church general fund.

6.  Use of kitchen and dining room:
- Members:  DONATION
- Non-Members:  A $75.00 non-refundable deposit is required.
- Kitchen use is organized by the Macon United Methodist Women (UMW).  A member of the UMW must be present during the function.
- Repairs beyond routine cleaning will be at cost.

7.  Minister’s Fees:
- Weddings:  The Minister is the contact person for your wedding and would like to meet with the couple for several sessions before the wedding.  The purpose of the sessions are:  1) To share with you an understanding of the marriage relationship and family life; 2) To help create a meaningful ceremony and: 3) To become better acquainted with you.
It is against church policy to ask another Minister to officiate or to assist in your wedding without permission of the host Minister.
- Members:  HONORARIUM
- Non-Members:  $50.00.
- Funerals:  HONORARIUM

8.  Organist’s Fee:
    - Members:  HONORARIUM
    - Non-Members:  $75.00.

9.  Snow Removal Fee:
- The church will arrange for snow removal at current contract charges (Minimum $35.00).